Yes, $300. It is applied toward your retainer when you choose to move forward with us as your legal team. 

Our consult fee is designed to preserve our time for existing clients. We are a small firm and every client is a VIP to us. When you come in for a consult, you will meet with one of our Partners and receive the time and attention the unique circumstances of your case deserve. You will never be just a number to us and that is why we have to charge consult fees. If we offered free consultations, team members would be stuck devoting most of our time to free consultations, instead of giving our existing clients the quality time they deserve.  We are up front about our $300 consult fee because we believe in a collaborative approach and transparency with our clients, placing you in the drivers seat. 

Free consultations: When you consider a firm that offers free consultations – make sure you know who you will be meeting with during your consult. At Texas Child Custody Attorneys, you will always have a consultation with one of our named Partners, unless you request otherwise. 

Low Retainers: The golden rule – you get what you pay for – is as true in legal services as it is in any other consumer service or good. Watch out for firms that quote you a low-ball retainer. If you are shopping for a lawyer and providing the same information to each one you meet, you should receive fairly similar quotes. If one firm offers you a retainer much lower than the others, it does not automatically mean you will pay less over the course of your case. More than likely, it simply means you will run out of your retainer much sooner. 

It is important to note that Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct allow a lawyer to voluntarily withdraw from your case if you fail to pay your bill for his/her services. Section 1.15 details declining or terminating representation “(b)… a lawyer shall not withdrawal from representing a client UNLESS, (5) the client fails to substantially fulfill an obligation to the lawyer regarding the lawyer’s services, including an obligation to pay the lawyer’s fees as agreed…; (6) or the representation will result in an unreasonable financial burden on the lawyer…”


Speak with a professional about your case during a confidential consultation. Call our firm at (713) 333-4430, e-mail us at, or fill out the form below.
Our client concierge, Giuliana, will respond to you by phone or e-mail, whichever you prefer, to gather more details and schedule your consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

Can’t meet with us in person? That’s okay. We understand. Ask Giuliana about scheduling a phone consultation so you can get the guidance you need from a setting that is convenient and comfortable for you.